DEA Member Tips & Ideas for running a successful Online Learning Environment

✓ An e-mail was sent to all staff on 3/17/2020 by Mrs. Gensigner with a link to a document listing free, online tools.  It can be found on the Shared Drive under Employee Resources.  [COVID 19 Free Instructional Resources]

✓ Let parents and students know that you are available to answer questions from 8AM-3PM. Obviously your hours would depend on your individual school reporting time, but you get the idea. Our team decided that this was a good idea to ensure that parents/students weren't emailing us all night long if they chose to complete the assignments at night. We will gladly answer their questions in the morning during school hours.

✓ I posted active “live office hours” where I am available to answer questions immediately. So between certain hours I will be able to monitor my email and respond as quickly as possible. I will obviously answer questions at other times, but beyond those live hours, the parents/students may need to wait until the office hours of the following day. I also included when my lunch break would be, so everyone knew I would not be around during that specified time.

✓ Embedded Padlet directly onto the front page of the teacher website. This makes lessons easy to access.


  1. Go to your Padlet and click Share
  2. Click embed in your blog or your website
  3. Full embed.. click Copy
  4. Now go to your school website and click My pages.. create newpage
  5. Important.. before you paste the link into the box click Plain text
  6. Paste into the box
  7. Click Rich text
  8. Save

✓ Google classroom chat. Answering questions there helped avoid multiple emails about the same problem.

✓ Our team is putting together a “remote learning schedule” to help keep the kids on a routine and assist parents who may need a little direction. In the schedule it suggests times for language arts lessons, math lessons, gross motor activities, free time, story time, etc.... The schedule is similar to what we do each day.

If you have a tip to share, please e-mail Jon Coniglio and your tip will be added here. Check back for more resources