Our Mission

The mission of the Dover Education Association is to advance and protect the rights, benefits, and interests of its members, and promote a quality system of public education for all students.

The DEA is a representative body, which includes dedicated teachers, child study team members, nurses, library media specialists, athletic trainers, student assistance counselors, speech and language therapists, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, security guards, and other educational professionals.  The DEA is an affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association, the Morris County Council of Education Associations,  and the National Educational Association.

The DEA’s mission is to unite members and enable them to speak as one and to find a common voice on matters of mutual concern.  It is the duty of the DEA to represent its members before employers and other legal authorities.  DEA members are represented on all grievances with the school board and all matters pertaining to contracts between the DEA and the Dover Board of Education.

It is also the responsibility of the DEA to develop and promote continuing programs aimed at securing the increasing employee benefits, ensuring sound retirement systems and improving the overall conditions of employment.  The Association keeps the advancement of public education at the forefront through improvements in instructional opportunities for all.

The status, responsibility, and professional rights of each member are protected through the Association.

The DEA promotes the general welfare of its members, fosters strong fellowship, establishes cooperation between schools and community and creates a strong code of ethics.  The goal of the DEA is to provide the highest quality public education while creating an optimal working environment.  The DEA encourages students to become successful in academics, as well as in life beyond the classroom.